How to choose the right caster bearing?

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

We have already talked a lot about the choice of casters. In fact, in addition to these factors, there are some very important factors that must be considered, such as the selection of bearings.

Choosing caster bearings is a necessary condition for purchasing products. There are many types of bearings used on casters. Without it, the casters lose their value. Therefore, we recommend that the ideal bearing should be suitable for the application and maintain the necessary safety margin. In addition to the wheel surface, wheel diameter and rotating bearings, the wheel bearings also determine the mobility of the casters and even the quality of the casters.

The use environment is critical to the choice of bearing. Different environments have different requirements: the casters used in the factory are different from the casters used in commercial houses. The casters used in the tool cart are different from the light casters used in hospital beds. The requirements for casters are definitely different from the requirements for heavy haulage in factory transportation.

There are some types of bearings:

1. Tapered bearings - Tapered bearings are one of the most important components of roller bearings. They have the special advantage of extending the field of use and providing improved mobility compared to conventional bearings.

2, roller bearings - In addition to wear-resistant and deep groove ball bearings, this strong and shock-resistant bearings are mainly used for transport equipment casters. Compared to other bearings, roller bearings are known for their low mounting height, relatively low rolling resistance and high load capacity. Wheels with roller bearings must not move more than 4 km / h, close to the speed at which people walk.

3. Precision Ball Bearings - Single row radial precision ball bearings that are uniquely designed and conform to the German Industrial Standards (DIN) are the highest quality models in the bearings. Wheels with these ball bearings maintain extremely low rolling resistance even when subjected to maximum load.

4, ordinary bearings - The simplest form of wheel bearing is the sliding or friction of the bearing. They are impact resistant, virtually maintenance free, and resistant to corrosion based on the properties of the material. If the equipment only needs to be moved at short and low speeds, caster 168 recommends that you install a wheel with a normal bearing. This price is the highest.

There is no best, only the most suitable, combined with your own actual situation, to make some comparisons, you can find the bearing products that suit you. Believe in you, you can choose the casters and bearings that are best for you.

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