Choose the appropriate wheel carrier to extend the life of the casters

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

Choose the right wheel carrier to extend the life of the casters

1. Usually choose the right wheel carrier. First consider the weight carried by the casters, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other casters, because the floor is good, smooth, light goods, (each caster carries 10-140kg). Suitable for electroplated wheel frames formed by stamping steel sheets (2-4mm). Its wheel frame is light, flexible, and quiet. According to the arrangement of the balls, the plated wheel frame is divided into double rows of beads and single rows of beads. If moving or handling, use double rows of beads.

2. In the factory and warehouse, the goods are frequently transported and the load is very heavy (the load capacity of each caster is 280-420kg). It is suitable for the use of hot forged double volleyball wheels and welded with thick steel plates (5-6 mm). frame.

3. If used to carry heavy items, such as textile mills, automobile factories, machinery factories, etc., due to the heavy load and long distance of the factory (350-1200kg per caster), thick steel plates (8-12mm) should be used. After the cutting of the wheel frame, the movable wheel frame adopts the flat ball bearing and the ball bearing on the bottom plate, so that the caster can withstand heavy load, flexible rotation and impact resistance.

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